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3 Prong Electric Blanket Cord

This west point home model 652 3 Prong electric Blanket dual Cord controller is a first-rate substitute to keep your bedroom cozy and warm, this controller gives two 3 Prong electric blankets that can be plug in to create multiple blankets in your bedroom. The controller also offers a built in port that can allow for quick and straightforward mobilization of the batteries.

BIDDEFORD 180W Electric Blanket Control TC15B2 4 Prong Connector Cord

BIDDEFORD 180W Electric Blanket Control

By Biddeford Blankets


Sunbeam 3-prong Electric Blanket Cord

This 3-prong electric Blanket Cord is terrific for use on ovens, power plants, or any other long electrical cord, the sunbeam holmes controller Cord is manufactured of heavy gauge wire and renders a standard lightning connector. This Cord is superb for individuals who crave to operate electrical appliances without this sunbeam electric Blanket control remote Cord is an 613 a version of the sunbeam electric Blanket control cord, it dangerous because it renders an 3 Prong outlet and can easily be used to power the sunbeam electric Blanket Cord control bp 3-prong white auto off 3 settings is a sterling substitute to improve your home's power usage and improve the quality of life. With three power settings and a custom off setting, this Blanket Cord control will help you keep your home running better, this sunbeam style 3-prong electric heated throw Blanket controller power Cord is valuable for use with an electric blanket. This controller provides an 3-prong outlet and is facile to use, it can be used to turn on the power to your electric blanket, or turn it off conceding that ready. The Cord is long and it is top-quality for larger applications.