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Sunbeam Electric Blanket Control Replacement

This sunbeam electric blanket control is a great value for your money and will help keep your blanket on the bed all winter! This is a 4-pronged warm blanket and comes with a cord extender jig to keep it on the bed all winter.

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Control Replacement Walmart

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Top 10 Sunbeam Electric Blanket Control Replacement

This sunbeam electric blanket control replacement is a great quality replacement for the old fashioned oneida blanket control. This control is black and features a sunbeam electric name and number. The control is equipped with a gx switch and is made of heavy gauge wire. This control is great for controllers that have lost their way and become ineffective. this sunbeam electric blanket control replacement for m85bp is designed to allow the use of a different electric blanket set-up. The controller providesaa power indicator and coasting light to show that the electric blanket is on coasting power. It also has aa textured finish to it and a sleek design. this sunbeam electric blanket control replacement pac-0595 style y85. Is a great replacement for your lost or forgotten sunbeam electric blanket. This blanket control is importance to keep your sunbeam electric blanket on its right track. The new and improved control includes a control to set the temperature, a timer, and a battery operated element. This sunbeam electric blanket control is perfect for those who want to improve the safety and efficiency of their sunbeam electric blanket business.