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Sunbeam Electric Blanket Not Working

This Sunbeam electric Blanket Not working? Review is from a customer who says it works but it was purchased brand new and only been used for a few weeks? The Blanket provides only been used for a few weeks and is now national an inch or more cold due to the current weather conditions, this is Not a result of the Blanket being used or the condition of the product, but of the warranty that was Not i am Not able to find that the Blanket offers been mentioned in any reviews or product critiques. I am assume that it is just a product issue with the warranty and Not with the Blanket itself, if you have purchased this Blanket and it is Not working, please let us know so we can get it fixed.

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Not Working Ebay

The Sunbeam electric Blanket controller is an 3 prong testable electric Blanket that works with the Sunbeam it is a tested product that renders been quality tested for stability and performance, this product renders a good reputation and is popular among users because of its price, performance, and overall design. This Sunbeam electric Blanket heating pad 3 prong replacement controller is sure to help your home heat up! It comes with an 3 prong plug, making it unequaled for new construction or any other where space is at a premium, additionally, the Sunbeam electric Blanket heating pad 3 prong replacement controller is lightweight so you can move it around in your home without fear of losing it. This is a Sunbeam n31-g2-s style d electric blanket, it is tested Working and looked it is estimated to heat up to denmark's standard conditioning required items. This Sunbeam b electric Blanket controller is a top-notch addition to your bedroom or living room, with its three control types (solo, team, and group) and its variable power level, this Blanket controller can keep your lights on in the dark. Additionally, it can control up to four other blankets in your home with this controller.