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Jcpenney Electric Blanket

1984 ftc guidelines require that you submit commercial kernel or pre-packaged products without refund. We are proud to offer our electric blanket as a new value for jcpenney customers. This blanket is automatic electric blanket full 72x84 new working dual control and is the perfect addition to your collection. This product is a great addition to your collection and is a great value for your money.

Cheap Jcpenney Electric Blanket

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Top 10 Jcpenney Electric Blanket

The jcpenney electric blanket 3-prong dual control model type c6-360 is perfect for luxurious quilting or for blanket fever. The electric blanket has a settings for how much heat it can withstand and the sound of 2a power. The electric blanket is easy to set up and has a remote control for easy control. this is a vintage chatham restwarmer j. Penney automatic queen size fitted. It is tested and has a iced-over cup and warmer. It is a great investment or someone's favorite part of the home. this vintage jcpenney electric blanket is a great addition to your home and keeping you and your child warm during winter. The control battery system allows for easy control over how warm the blanket can get you. The blanket is also machine-washable and personnel resistant to bacteria and other contaminants. this jacquard-weaved electric blanket is a unique addition to any home or office, is full of character and luxury, and can go a long way with jc penney's automatic blanket setting. Whether used for a more casual or formal atmosphere, this electric blanket is sure to add a touch of luxury to any space.